Top 6 Most liveable cities in the world

Top 6 most Livable cities in the world

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Top 6 most Liveable Cities in world.

Top 6 most liveable cities in the world, is an article brought to show you where in the world you can live without stress. Top 6 most liveable cities in the world


Corona impact is more than 32,000. It is the best living place for people. Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland and the capital of the province of Zurich. It is in north-western Switzerland, on the north-western tip of Lake Zurich. As of January in the year 2020, the municipality has a population of 434,335, with an urban (1.315million (2009) and 1.83million in the Zurich metropolitan area (2011). And is the busiest train station in the world.

2. Geneva

Geneva is one of the best places for people to live. The municipality has a population of 203,856 (as of December 2021), and the city’s corona impact is rising. Great place to live though. It is also one of the best cities for people to live in the year 2022.


Geneva is also one of the best place for people to live. The city has a population of 203,856 (as of December 2021), and the city’s corona impact is rising. Also a Great place to live. It is also one of the best cities where people can live in the year 2022.

Calgary/ Canada

For the sake of its proximity to mountains and beautiful weather for winter sports, Calgary is an excellent place to stay. It is also clean and has an excellent transport system. It is an ideal centre for organizing trips to the nearby glaciers and ice fields and other spectacular mountain view.


The Dutch canal capital is the last in the top five cities to live a healthy lifestyle, despite climbing down from first place in the 2021 report. Though Amsterdam may have ranked down in the rankings it still holds the fifth position for its happiness ranking (7.5/10). It also has the sixth-lowest levels of obesity in Europe with 20.4% of its population, beaten by the likes of Geneva, Zurich and Milan. With a life expectancy of around 82 years, Amsterdam is another great city to relocate to live a healthy and happy life.


When looking at the total work time per year, Frankfurt comes in joint first as the city with the best work-life balance at 1,332 hours, which is a little over 25 hours worked each week. The merits of these low working hours also reflect in Frankfurt’s high happiness score of 7.3/10.

What is the Best city in the World

According to best cities London is the best City. As the “capital of capitals” still waist-deep in an opaque pandemic slurry—negotiates the uncharted, perilous terrain of a post-Brexit world, London continues to reign the planet’s best cities for the sixth year running. Its position at the top, however, has never stayed top for so long.

Which City has most tourists

Since you’ve read about the Liveable and cities in the world, it might be of interest that you know Which City has the most tourists.
Well Bangkok city in Thailand has recorded the most number of tourists up to 22.78 million.Bangkok records that Bangkok is everything you’d expect from the capital of Thailand: it’s noisy, crowded, colourful, exciting, infuriating, and simply magical. Bangkok is a microcosm of what makes Thailand so special. Centuries-old temples and ancient sites sit side by side with 21st-century shopping malls that have a kitschy, yet high-end ambience. Bangkok can be overwhelming, but it’s also a fascinating city that represents Southeast Asia’s tension between the developed and developing worlds.

Which country is the most powerful in the world

World's most powerful millitary
You might also be ask for which country is the most powerful in the world.
Well, America is, USA precisely. With a GDP of $21.4 trillion and a
Population of 328 million, the United States is considered to be the most powerful country in the world. It consists of 50 states, and its economic and military power is unmatched.

Located in North America,

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