Best Content Marketing Tools 2022

Best Content Marketing Tools 2022

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Reading Time: 4 Min

Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by John Orizu

Are you a content creator looking for the best tools to market your content in 2022? Search no more because we have compiled lists of the best content marketing tools 2022. Content marketing is strategic marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing relevant content to attract and retain a targeted audience online.

There are different types of content creators available today, for example, freelance writing, SEO writing, video creators, and many more. Content marketing tools help you track how well your content rank on search engine and provide suggestions on how to make your content rank higher on search engines. Being a content creator, marketing your content is the hardest thing to do today.

You need not just create content and expect your content to market itself. You will need a good content marketing strategy that can attract different audiences, with messages and media that are well aimed at them. Many content creators today use various marketing tools to sell their content online because these tools make content marketing easy and faster.

While at the same time providing the required results needed for marketing your content online. There are lots of marketing tools available today, that most content creators use to sell their content online. Some of the best marketing content marketing tools used by most content creators to create content for their audience include


It’s the best and a must-have content marketing tool every content creator must have. Hubspot provides all-in-one marketing solutions for content creators and is among the most used content marketing tools in 2022. These marketing tools prospect tracking, live chat, email marketing solution, and many more.

Hubspot also helps you improve your content by showing you analytics and reports of your website. It is a content marketing tool every content creator should have and use to achieve good content marketing results.


This content marketing tool is one of the best tools available today for content writing. Grammarly helps you create good content writing by making sure to correct grammatical errors, plagiarism, misspellings, punctuations, and sentences that are hard to understand. Good contents also help your content rank well on search engines.

Although Grammarly has a free plan, the free plan has limited features. The premium plan and other plans start from $12 per month. Using Grammarly, you are assured of quality and error-free writing for your website. The most content writer will find this tool highly useful in their everyday work.


It’s one of the preferred marketing tools for content marketers. This is an all-in-one SEO content marketing tool that helps content writers search for keywords about a specific topic. Aside from keyword research, you can also undersee your websites and your competitor’s search volume, organic keywords, and traffic.

With this marketing tool, you can find keywords with high search volumes and more to help increase your website traffic. The paid plan starts from $99 per month with other plans costing higher and offering extra features. Ahrefs also has a trail option that costs $7 for a week.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is among the most used content marketing tools by content marketers. It’s a popular free tool offered by Google that helps you understand your user behavior and website traffic. This tool offers you different important data about all the activity that’s happening on your website.

Some of the data offered by Google Analytics include how many visitors you have, where your visitors come from, and other relevant information about your visitors. This tool also helps you track users’ behavior on the website and provides vital information to help you improve the way you market your content. It’s among the best marketing tools every content marketer should add to the collection of marketing tools they use in their work.


It’s another content marketing tool that every content marketer should have in their marketing tools collection. SEMRush is a topic research tool that shows you the backlinks and keywords of your website and that of your competitors. The marketing tool gives exhaustive keywords and offers you ideas on how you can increase your website traffic.

Another feature of SEMRush is that it shows keywords according to different locations. It helps you choose keywords with high search results you can write on to increase your website traffic. It also has a free trial option which every new user can take advantage of, while other plans start from $119 per month. It’s a tool you would definitely find useful as a content marketer.

Google Search Console

It’s another free tool by Google that analyze and manage search performance. If you have ever owned or worked on a website, you would have probably heard of Google Search Console(GSC), as this tool is popular among content marketers.

This tool helps webmasters learn about their website performance on Google and is a powerful tool that is used for updating, refreshing, and enhancing your content. It’s a free tool that every content marketer whose organic search performance is relevant will find very helpful and should add to their marketing tools collection.


This content marketing tool helps you look for current trends and specific sectors’ interests. This tool also shows the content of a domain or keyword you entered and gives you their traffic. It is a relevant tool for content marketers because it shows what your competitors do about a given topic.

After knowing that, you can now enhance your content and make it exexception, thereby generating more traffic to your website. This tool has a one-month free trial plan for new users and other plans start from $99 per month.

All the listed content marketing tools in this article are very relevant and are mostly used by content marketers. Most content marketers have experienced exponential results while using these marketing tools. These tools are user-friendly and easy to use because you don’t need to be a professional to use them efficiently.

If you have been searching for the best content marketing tools then I suggest you try some of the listed marketing tools in this article. These marketing tools have been tested and trusted by most content marketers. If you have used any of the listed tools here, please share your experience with us in the comment section because we love hearing from you.

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