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Hit songs are songs that’s widely known by people and sold well when it was released. Hit songs are very popular and you seem to see the song been played at almost everywhere you find yourself. There are many hit songs produced in 2021, but I will bring to you a compilation of the best hit songs in 2021.

These hit songs are entertaining and interesting, because listeners feel somehow connected to these songs. Hence the very reason why people love to play it most times. Making hit songs is not really easy because sometimes it takes years for a music artist to make a single hit song.

Other times it takes just a few months for them to make a hit song in his/her entire career. So if you are a music lover who is looking for some of the best songs produced in 2021. Then you should try out this best hit songs in 2021.

‘GIRL LIKE ME’ Jasmine Sullivan ft H.E.R

The song “Girl Like Me” is a song about the questions that haunt us about a break up. And the destruction it can cause to an individual mental health and self value. It’s a hit song that connects really well with grils who have experience heartbreaks. It’s one song you would like for it’s good vocals and a consoling tune.


“ALL TOO WELL” was an anticipated song after Taylor Swift announced that she was re-recording her 2012 album, Red. It’s a song that raised fans speculation that it’s about Taylor Swifts split with Jake Gyllenhaal in 2021. This is a song you don’t wanna miss as it’s a song worth hearing.

‘ESSENCE’ Wizkid ft Justin Bieber and Tems

Wizkid’s hit song “Essence” became widely known everywhere in 2021, after he released a remix featuring Justin Bieber and Tems. The song “Essence” was already a standout track on Wizkid’s 2020 album, Made In Lagos, thanks to the assist he received from Tems a Nigerian artist. The soft vocals and alluring beat made it one of the sought after songs in 2021.

‘WOMAN’ Doja Cat

The song “Woman” by Doja Cat has shown how fearless and talented the music artist can be. With her experimental influence on the pop music landscape. The song doesn’t only show off Doja’s ductile vocals, but also that she managed to master different genres and was able to conflate it with her music. It’s a song that’s also worth your time, because you will find it entertaining as a music lover.

‘GOOD 4 U’

The pop star artist Olivia Rodrigo released ” Good 4 U” after the releases of “Deja Vu” and “Drivers License” in early 2021. This song proved the pop star lyrical wit, fearlessness and versatility. It’s one of the song you won’t regret listening to as a music lover.


Silk Sonic teamed up with Bruno Mars with Anderson .Paak for the Silk Sonic project. And their first track is a perfect tribute to mid 70’s R&B that will definitely make you stand up and cheer. This is one of the hit song you won’t regret listening.

‘KISS ME MORE’ Doja Cat ft SZA

The 25 years pop star hot off released of her third album, Planet Her, moonlights in many genres. Disco, hip-hop and R&B tying her brief recreational trip together with an irrefutable, resplendent joy while featuring SZA. This is another song that is definitely worth your time.

‘DRIVER’S LICENSE’ Olivia Rodrigo

The 17 years old music artist Olivia Rodrigo dropped “Driver’s license” in early 2021. Within few hours of it’s release it took over radio airwaves and tik tok alike, and within few days it climbed to the top spot. This is a song that’s irresistible to both teens and adults alike, and if you haven’t listened to it you are missing a lot.



Do you want to know what are the top 20 songs in 2021? Well if you want to know what are the top 20 songs in 2021, you should consider reading this article further. As this article brings to you a compilation of top 20 songs in 2021. Below are the list of top 20 songs in 2021.

  • ‘All Too Well’ Taylor Swift.
  • ‘Woman’ Little Simz ft Cleo Sol.
  • ‘Nightflyer’ Allison Russell.
  • ‘Suicide Is Murder’ Aimee Mann.
  • ‘That’s What I Want’ Lil Nas X
  • ‘Broken Horses’ Brandi Carlile.
  • ‘To Be Loved’ Adele.
  • ‘Wilshire’ Tyler, The Creator.
  • ‘Valentine’ Snail Mail
  • ‘That Funny Feeling’ Phoebe Bridgers.
  • ‘Come To Life’ Kanye West
  • ‘Girl Like Me’ Jasmine Sullivan ft H.E.R.
  • ‘Boomerang’ Yebba.
  • ‘I Am Not A Woman, I’m A God’ Halsey
  • ‘At The Holiday Party’ St. Vincent.
  • ‘D.I.A.L’ Topaz Jones.
  • ‘Your Power’ Billie Eilish.
  • ‘Camera Roll’ Kacey Musgraves.
  • ‘Starlight’ Yola
  • ‘Shouldn’t Matter But It Does’ John Mayer.

The songs listed in this article are all hits songs of 2021, and they are quite entertaining. You should try them out as these songs come with different vibes, lyrics and tune that are soothing to the ear. You would definitely find them entertaining just like most people did after the listened to it.

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